Student Support and Services


ESL (English as Second Language)
Students in ESL benefit from a content-based approach to lesson planning and delivery. Language and content instruction are integrated so that students develop academic knowledge and skills in specific content areas at the same time as they develop their language skills. The expectations identified for each course describe the knowledge and skills that students are expected to develop and demonstrate in their class work, on tests, and in various other activities on which their achievement is assessed and evaluated.

​Guidance Office 
The Guidance office provides services to students, their families, faculty, and staff. When students enter school as part of a cohort they are assigned a counselor who will work with them throughout their years at BHSVA. The guidance counselors are a resource for college, career and academic issues.

​Social Services
The school psychologists are a resource for CSE testing for learning issues while the SPARK counselor is our resource for issues of substance abuse risk. The in-school social worker counsels students on emotional and behavior issues and makes referrals to resources in the community.

​Special Education
Student achievement is impacted by numerous factors - ability, experience, motivation, opportunity and the individual circumstances of a student's life. A commitment to educate student with special education needs involves bringing support services to the student instead of removing the student to a separate environment to access needed services.

​Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services

Students have access to our full-time SAPIS counselor who engages them in workshops, small group and individual counseling sessions, to address and prevent substance use and abuse. 

School Social Worker 

Our full time, bi-lingual, Social Worker is available to support students in crisis, and who need social-emotional support.