Important Links
Below are links to web-based tools and information that are very useful for students’ academic success and career/college goals.



This is link provides BHSVA parents and students with access to the information about their student’s performance at our school. This includes each subject class attendance, assignment information, class projects and tests grades, and teacher’s comments. In addition parents and students can track student progress towards graduation from high school.




If you want to have a successful career or gain admission to your dream college, participation in after-school and pre-college programs will help you to explore your interests and become ready for college and a career.

ACE MENTORS (Architecture, Construction and Engineering)
Students who are interested in a career in the fields of architecture, construction or engineering would greatly benefit by participating in ACE Mentors. Students meet bi-monthly with professionals in the field to work on a real-world project. Students who successfully participate are eligible for mentoring, trips to colleges and field trips to offices and projects, as well as scholarships for college.

BRONX HOUSE activities and classes in music and dance, swimming, and college/career readiness.

BRONX MUSEUM museum has partnered with BHSVA for 8 years. In additional to their exhibitions about Bronx based artists and contemporary art, the museum provides free and low cost classes for young artists Their TEEN COUNCIL is paid internship during the school year for 15 lucky teens to learn about museum culture and produce events and exhibitions at the museum for youth audiences.

BRONX RIVER ARTS CENTER Classes in digital media, photography, painting and drawing taught by professional artists in their newly renovated facilities on Tremont and Boston Road. Fees are low and scholarships are available.

COOPER UNION OUTREACH PROGRAM Outreach program is an excellent program for students who plan to attend a professional art college. Outreach is a “pre-college” professional art program that will help students to build a portfolio that can be used for admission to art colleges. Drawing from observation, writing about art and learning about contemporary art are the areas covered in the program. BHSVA students who have successfully participated in Outreach all were admitted to 4-year professional art schools with a substantial scholarship.

ICP AT THE POINT you are a student who is interested in photography or would like to have a career in photography, this program is an outstanding way to expand your knowledge, portfolio and skills. ICP is the International Center for Photography’s Bronx campus. This organization is a world-renowned museum and school about photography. At the workshops, students study with professional photographers to learn about digital and darkroom photography. Classes are free and students may borrow a camera to use for the period of the workshop (deposit required).

THE POINT in Hunts Point, this vibrant  community center that offers free teen programs in art, drama, music instruction, photography, leadership, community service and college/career readiness.


Being well informed will help you make great choices for a career. By knowing the steps you need to achieve will provide the opportunity to become successful. These sites can help you to gain this knowledge and be prepared for your future.

This is one of the best resources to use to successfully apply to colleges. It provides tools, information and support throughout this complicated process.
− College connection (Information about individual colleges and their admission requirements)
− College readiness (SAT testing, college planning)
− Financial aid and scholarships information

The largest organization devoted to helping Hispanic students and family successfully attend college. They provide information about colleges and scholarships for students and parents.


KINGSBRIDGE HEIGHTS CENTER – The College Directions Program
This free afterschool program provides mentoring and workshops for successful admissions to college.

This website is provided by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the website is to provide guidance for students and parents about
− the importance and benefits of college
− step-by-step information about the process

This site details the rules and standards for high school graduation in New York City public schools.