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Work-Based Learning

Work based learning is instruction within a real-world context that allows students to build a bridge from adolescence to adulthood.
2019 Work Based Learning – Internship Placement
Arts Connection – Manhattan
BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) – Bronx
BrickHouse Solution – Manhattan
BCCO NYC Custom Printing and Embroidery – Manhattan
Black Public Media – Manhattan
Bronx River Art Center – Bronx
BronxNet Television Studios – Bronx
ICP at the Point – Bronx
Lehman Art  Gallery – Bronx
Literacy Leaders – Bronx
Lonely Planet – Manhattan
New York State Assembly, Assemblywoman Fernandez – Bronx
Point CDC – Bronx
The Bronx Museum of the Arts –  Bronx
The Knowledge House – Bronx
Young Urban Christians and Artists – Bronx

Work Based Learning Coordinator: Leanne Warner 
[email protected]
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Intro to Computer Science

Work Based Learning Students Benefit from Intro to Computer Science: 
The course, offered by the Knowledge House, introduced students to common computing principles, exploring how code is used to build solutions by learning the basics of frontend web programming using HTML and CSS. By the end of the course, the students gained an understanding of technology from a software engineer’s point of view, constructed functional websites, and gained a marketable skill set that can be used and in college and the job market.

Bronx Zoo Interns

The Wildlife Conservation Corps (WCC) provides training to students interested in campaigning for wildlife and habitats. Students in this program will support WCS's Blue York campaign and generate awareness for New York City's aquatic species and the threats they face. Students will learn natural history, conservation, environmental policy and social marketing. Working together at the Bronx Zoo, the students will create a campaign to help call attention to and support a citywide ban on microbeads.Microbeads are tiny plastics used in a variety of cosmetics and personal care products that get washed down the drain. Since wastewater treatment plants cannot filter out these small particles, microbeads end up in local waterways where they can attract and accumulate toxic chemicals and be mistaken as food by aquatic wildlife. Ultimately microbeads are passed up the food chain to larger fish and ultimately humans.
WCS supports high school students in revolutionizing the political process leading to urban planning in NYC. The Visionmaker NYC Challenge will be a competition for high school students by high school students. It will provide training to teens about the nature of New York City (NYC) so they can do something about it because the future of NYC, and all cities, is essential to the future of nature on earth. Visionmaker NYC is a web-based application that allows anyone to design a vision for NYC, set decades or even centuries in the future. Participants will experiment with the Visionmaker NYC app while also exploring ecology in NYC, identifying sustainability issues impacting them, and developing and sharing their visions for alternate futures of the city. Working together at the Bronx Zoo, participants will collaborate with teens from the Human Rights Activist Project at Global Kids and the Science Career Ladder Program at the New York Hall of Science to design, promote, and launch a citywide competition challenging all NYC teens to become Visionmakers
Work Based Learning Internship at Arts Connection – Leytta R.
Since working at Arts Connection, I’ve had the chance to get to see what it’s like to work for a non-profit organization. I have seen first hand how dedicated my co-workers are to providing art programs to the students in New York City public schools. I have visited a few sites where they will be displaying student art work like The old Bronx courthouse. At my job I’m always working on mini projects, and writing reviews for things that students can to do in New York City. Also writing reviews about shows that I and the other interns attend so that others can learn about it from a personal viewpoint. I really enjoy what I do and the opportunity to get real world experience has been very valuable.
My name is Cleidy and as part of the Work Based Learning class, I was able to get a paid internship for the spring. I currently work at Donor’s Choose. Donor’s Choose is a non-profit organization that helps teachers get supplies they need to make it easier for their students to learn. The public can log onto the website and donate to a project. You can donate to as little as a dollar or fund the whole project that a teacher has posted. Also in October they are starting something new and letting students post their own project; if they feel they need materials for a class or to start an after school program. Students will need to be sponsored by a teacher.
I really like my internship because the organization has a good mission which is helping students and I am all for helping. At my internship I go through thank you packages which yes does sound boring but it’s not! I like looking at kindergarten artwork and first graders trying to spell is the cutest thing ever. Some students write funny thank you letters, like this one kid he wrote about how he felt bad for all the donated pigs and he hoped they at least had a happy life; but that the pig died for a good cause which in a way made it better, it was cute.  Other than that I do some office work like working on the laptop giving teachers extensions which is extending teachers due dates for their thank you packages. 
My Internship Through WBL (Work Based Learning)
Since the summer I've been working in a paid internship at ICP at The Point. At ICP, I help teach students how to use a film camera, as well as process and print negatives in the dark room. I also do office work, like sending emails, taking inventory and making an occasional call to a student or parent. Since I started this internship, I always felt like it was fun and in my element. I feel at home, especially with it being in The Point. The Point is a community center that always makes you feel welcome, I felt like family my first week there. An added benefit of interning with ICP is I am able to use there facilities and equipment. Recently I had my very own photo shoot in the studio, with my supervisor giving me advice and sharing her expertise..
I love my internship and I love how it makes me more dedicated to photography, being that its my passion. I've learned so much and became way more knowledgeable in the world of photography. I wouldn't trade it for any other internship.
The Work Based Learning class went to visit World Savvy at their offices in the We Work Fulton Center building .Aditi Naik, Lead Implementation Associate  at Worl Savvy arranged for a panel to speak to the students on careers and 21st century skills.
Panelists included:
Alexandra Ruiz - President of the non-profit Immigrant Advancement Matters
Jonathan Magen - Director of Research Engineering, Sexual Health Innovations
Yashoda Clark - Senior Analyst, FP &A, Etsy
Michael Hernandez - Software Engineer, Etsy
Panelist shared their backgrounds and career paths along with what a typical day looks like in their position/field. A lively discussion followed about the importance of understanding other cultures and countries and even included an overview of "greedy algorithms."