At BHSVA we offer an education that provides a student with a wide range of classes and support services that will help a student to become successful in their life. All students are required to take core academic classes that follow the requirements for a New York State High School Regents Diploma and a four-year sequence in the visual arts. Successful completion of all required core classes, passing New York State Regents tests and the New York City Art Comprehensive test will earn a student a Regents Diploma with Advanced Certification in Art.

Our academic curriculum prepares students for post-secondary education. It includes advanced placement courses in English and Science, after-school tutoring and Saturday School where students may take Regents and SAT Prep courses. We also offer a variety of support -programs to help students with needs such as English as a second language, special education, college placement, peer mediation and life counseling. This year we are very pleased to become an “Ilearn” school. This program will help us to expand our use of technology in our courses.

     As a school which prides ourselves on our visual art program, we work very hard to help prepare our students for the world of work in the visual arts and related fields. We offer two programs of study in the visual arts:

​     Program 1: THE VISUAL ARTS​
This program is open to all BHSVA students. In this program students will concentrate on learning the techniques, materials, concepts, and history of  painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and mixed media.​


Freshman Students may choose to apply to our Career Technical Education Program in Graphic Design. Selection for this program is based on student’s talent and commitment to the visual arts and their academic performance. 

     In addition to learning art history, painting and drawing, students in the GRAPHIC DESIGN PROGRAM will also focus on the elements, principles and process of design, and developing digital media and business skills. Beginning in their sophomore year, students begin their study of digital media and design concepts. In their senior year, graphic design students who have successfully completed all required courses can participate in internships.  Upon graduation our graphic design students are well prepared for advanced study and work in the field of graphic design.  Students who have completed the entire four- year Graphic Design Program will graduate with a Regents Diploma with Academic Certification in Art, and the New York State Career Technical Certificate in Graphic Design.

Instructional Objectives 2016-2017

Instructional Objectives describe the skills or learning that a student should acquire while participating in a class or exercise. Instructional Objectives  are observable and attainable within a reasonable amount of time. The school wide Instructional Objectives for this year are;


     1. Develop critical thinking skills through questioning and discussion techniques.

     2. Assessing critical thinking skills through questions and tasks. 


Assess critical thinking during all parts of instruction and assessment, both formative and summative. The teacher can use critical thinking questions in oral class discussions, quizzes, exit tickets,. Teachers can also use higher order thinking tasks in classroom learning activities, performance assessments and short and long term projects.