Upcoming Events

Open House 2020-2021

There will be Virtual Open 

Houses at BHSVA in the upcoming months. Please 

contact School Counselor: 

Ms. Santiago


#: 914-338-8092

Month of November 2020:

11/19 12:00-12:45pm

Month of December 2020:

12/3  12:00-12:45pm

12/17  12:00-12:45pm

Month of January 2021:

1/7  12:00-12:45pm

1/21  12:00-12:45pm

Month of February 2021:

2/24  12:00-12:45pm

2/25  12:00-12:45pm

Month of March 2021:

3/11  12:00-12:45pm

3/25  12:00-12:45pm

Month of April 2021:

4/8  12:00-12:45pm

4/22 12:00-12-45pm

Month of May 2021:

5/6   12:00-12:45pm

5/20  12:00-12:45pm

Month of June 2021:

6/10  12:00-12:45pm

6/17  12:00-12:45pm

BHSVA News & Announcements

          Announcements for this week                                    

M 4/19: Blended/Remote Learning-5 Days per week NX After School Support Sessions


T 4/20: Blended/Remote Learning- 5 days per week NX After School Support Sessions


W 4/21: Blended/Remote Learning -5 Days per week NX After School Support Sessions


TH 4/22: Blended/Remote Learning- 5 Days per week NX After School Support Sessions


F 4/23: Blended/Remote Learning-5 Days per week BHSVA Community Meeting – 9am NX After School


Support Sessions Marking Periods for Term/Semester 2: Term 2 Marking Period 2 (3/22/2021 – 5/5/2021) Term 2 Marking Period 3 (5/6/2021 – 6/25/2021)


SAT Administration- Tuesday, April 27, 2021- 8:30-1:00pm Please reach out to Mr. Kanti Fields, if you have any questions about the SAT exam. Remote Virtual Classroom Library – Google Classroom Code: itzzhll Reading challenges are posted every other week and are open to ALL SCHOLARS- Please join the Remote Virtual Library Classroom, using the code above, for more information. Prized are given to students who participate. Please feel free to use the library to take out virtual books.

Kinvolved: We will be using an app to notify parents via text messages, about their scholars’ attendance and participation in the live, classroom sessions. Please be advised that it is ESSENTIAL that ALL students show up to the live sessions that are ONLY twice per week for each class.  



COLLEGE APPLICATION SUPPORT for SENIORS: Seniors who have NOT applied to college should contact Mr. Millien (914) 298-0572 or to get direct, one- on-one support. In addition, in the Google Classroom, Class of 2021(om7br6t) there is a complete list of resources that will help seniors with applying to college and financial aid. Please be sure you are signed up to this classroom and are getting the support you need. In addition, Seniors have the support of their College Ready teachers, Ms. Madera and Ms. Knight-Hogg and should also be utilizing these resources.

UPDATE ON DAILY ATTENDANCE: Please ensure you complete the attendance form daily at 8:50am, which is the start of the day. Anyone who did not complete their attendance by 9:05 will be receiving a call home. Also make sure that you enter your student ID which is a 9-digit number that can be found on Skedula as part of your attendance form.


TECH DISTRIBUTION AND SUPPORT- if you are having any issues with your laptops or need technology, please email AP Fields at

Principal WitherspoonEmail:

Assistant Principal Prentis- Email:

Telephone: (347) 721-8354 Availability: Monday - Friday 8:00 Am - 4:00 PM

Assistant Principal Gaby- Email:

Assistant Principal FieldsEmail:

School Counselor Santiago Grades 9 & 10 Email: Telephone (914) 338-8092 Availability Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

School Counselor Millien Grades 11 & 12 Email: Telephone (914) 298-0572 Availability Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Social Worker Ramirez Email: Telephone (914) 338-8455 Availability Monday – Friday 8:20 AM – 3:20 PM

SAPIS Counselor Bates Email: Telephone (929) 314-0866 Availability Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:20 AM – 3:30 PM

Parent Coordinator- Sonia Carabajo Email: Telephone- 929)-352-0189

BHSVA Pride!

Everyday day at BHSVA we teach and live by four simple words:

  • Respect

  • Trust

  • Support

  • Responsibility

Welcome to B.H.S.V.A (11x418)

  • 2040 Antin Place, Bronx NY 10462

  • Phone: (718) 319-5160

  • Fax: (718) 319-5165